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Former Chicago Police Department Employee Charged with Stealing Inmate Property

The culprit had been carrying those items from the inventory storage, some of which included money and jewelry. Based on police, the 1 9 year veteran was accepting items for a long time and when these were finally on to her, they decided to video tape the storage area. The woman, Paula Brown, was caught redhanded sneaking cook county prison inmate real estate. If it has to do with inmate real estate, all of products, including cash, wallets, lighters, cigarettes, clothing, and also some other items from the defendant's possession is removed from the suspect in the reservation department soon after the suspect is detained. If bail is allowed, those items will probably be returned to the suspect. If bail is not allowed, those things will continue to be locked up. If you're on the lookout for a person in jail, you may try out a arrest locator online. Alternatively, seek out all jails close about an internet search engine. The results will pull up local outcomes where you're able to hunt for an inmate. .