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Tips for Trouble Shooting a Hot Water Heater – BF Plumbing Durham

it becomes more difficult to bring it to the correct temperature. This means that the water could become excessively warm.

If the water in your tap gets too hot , or fails to cool off in time, then reduce the temperature of your thermostat. In the event that this happens your thermostat's settings could not be appropriate. The heating elements of electric heaters attract minerals in the water supply which stick to the heating elements. If the layer of calcification becomes thicker and hardens, it may cause problems for heating. This makes them less efficient due to the minerals that cover them.

The Floor is filled with water

Finding water on the ground near a water heater can be a sign of trouble. It can lead to different problems which could be to be more serious than the issue which you're witnessing. For fixing the issue, you need to tighten the plumbing connection , if possible to find the leak. If the unit is leaking or leaking, it is recommended to replace it.

In some cases, it's possible to see water at the tube's base leading from the relief valve for temperature and pressure valve at the top of the tank. This is a sign that the valve has been opened. The process of troubleshooting a hot water heater may require you to modify the thermostat because it is set too high. However, consider consulting plumbing experts to put an expansion tank to with the side of the heater with safe temperature settings.

Pilot Light Problem

Electric water heaters come with a light for the pilot that will ignite the flame. In some instances, the water heater's temperature could fall below what is set on the thermostat. A pilot light is used to ignite the burner through the ignition of gas via the valve that regulates it. In the process, the component at the base of the tank becomes hot and also heats up the water within the tank. This could also show that the unit does not function correctly because of a faulty pilot light.

If the pilot light won't work or isn't lit it could be blocked. A defective thermostat, an unsafe gas valve, or